Individualized K-12 Tutoring (Virtual)

Summer Enrichment Program

Half-Day Preschool/Kindergarten Prep

What our students gain...

  • Personalized attention

  • Improved grades

  • Increased knowledge and understanding of subjects

  • Increased motivation to succeed

  • Provides intensive practice

  • Allows progress at own pace

  • Leads to better use of study time

  • Higher levels of learning

  • Self-directed learning

  • Reduced competition

  • Praise, feedback, and encouragement

  • Provides review of skills not mastered but no longer taught

  • Improved self-esteem and confidence 

Your Child's Success is Our WHY!

*As teachers we formed Ahead Learning & Language Center because we saw firsthand how classroom sizes grew larger year over year while hands-on level of instruction weakened. 


*Knowing that learning is not a one style fits all approach and that each student has his or her own individualized needs and focus areas to reinforce, we committed to opening a learning center where we would cap our student-to-tutor ratio at 3 to 1 to ensure your child receives the attention that they deserve. 

*Our learning strategies include, partnering your child with a dedicated tutor that they will become comfortable with which enhances the overall learning experience. This strategy will also ensure your child's instruction is streamlined vs. confusing them with several different tutor techniques.

*Lastly, we provide an initial assessment to determine your child's  strengths and weaknesses which will allow us to create a customized learning experience.


If you're searching for a learning center that's committed to academic excellence, Contact us now to learn more about our Programs! We look forward to hearing from you!

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